U.S. Covid-19 death toll passes 100,000

woah. here in CA, we just passed 100k cases… but our population is like 5x larger than VA.


You know, each of those 100,00 deaths represents one less active case. It’s a beautiful thing really, people dying to help Trump’s numbers. /s


Running toward the ventilators, it’s a beautiful thing. /s


The obvious question here is why the fuck are you still on Facebook??


Here on the west coast, there have been lots of stories about which counties are allowed to move to phase 2 (still not clear what that means for me) based on testing. Which at least dramatises that it’s reopening-with-testing, as opposed to the blind reopening that so many other states are doing.

That seems to be the new mason-dixon line, doesn’t it?


Because it’s become the most viable way of staying up to date with a large extended family. Thanks for asking.


Only a couple of months ago, when the official count was approaching 5000 deaths, a chilling thought occurred to me. I grew up in one of those small towns the current administration presents as the REAL America. For most of my youth the population hovered around 4000 people. The virus had killed more people than if my home town had been wiped out to the last person. Today the count is 100,000. The city nearest my home town had 25,000 inhabitants. Four such All-American cities turned into ghost towns. It’s a disaster. Yet people decide whether to care based upon their political affiliation! I can’t even comprehend this insanity.




The USA has 330 million people, so obviously it was never going to be possible to dodge a death toll over 100k.

The real question is, “How well are the various governments of the world managing to keep their deaths per million down?”.

The answer is here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

Belgium is unfortunately losing this terrible contest, with a deaths/million of nearly 3 times the USA’s. Another somewhat comparable country to those two is Israel, who managed to keep their death/million down to 30.

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[citation needed]


The countries which did well, locked down very hard, very early, and very consistently. It was basically:

Stay in your house or we will fine you
All interstate transport stops
All international transport stops

And the earlier that was put in place, the better.


Testing early, tracing thoroughly, isolating effectively.

German response compared to UK


I said that almost 10 weeks ago

Based on the evidence from Italy, Spain and the UK the first 2 weeks are critical, after the lag phase, the exponential curve kicks in and then is too late

Measures have to be implemented early and hard, and be consistent all over the country and legally enforced. The indecision and false announcements at the beginning have the opposite effect, some people will self-isolate while others will rush out of the perceived infected areas, spreading the disease.

Obviously, the better the tracing the lighter the confinement. Spain and the UK did not have enough tests so they went for a full lock down as the only viable measure. Germany has a potent pharma and clinical industry, they could trace and isolate much better.


If you scroll the thread, way back at the beginning, it was only larger than a few towns. Now it’s more than any of the town/city choices and larger than some entire counties.

Definitely helps with the perspective of large numbers.


Remember when?

Jan 22: “It’s one person coming in from China and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” -impeachedassholecurrentlyinhabitingthewhitehouse


It illustrates the base assumption: “If I got extra money for this, I would definitely pad the numbers, therefore they are doing it.”


I don’t pay much attention to any of the pandemic hoax conspiracy theories out there right now, but my complete distrust of corporations does certainly lend a lot of credence to the padding argument.

Where this gets silly is when talking with pro padding + pro “trickle down” folks. Tough to promote corporate benevolence but also be forced to demonstrate how corporations lie and abuse.

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All of this. I’m all for the protections, precautions, PPE, everything. But the way numbers and data are reported are sensationalist garbage. Death tolls pass 100k…well did we expect it to magically reverse? Were some of those people going to come back to life? The information you are needing is daily death rate and daily case rate - and then seeing how that is trending. A curve of total cases barely shows you any useful data.

Most of your covid data sites are telling you information that is not of any immediate relevance other than to inflate fears. The numbers are always going up and people are always dying. While numbers per site var slightly here is current information from North Carolina:

25,412 positive cases
869 deaths
24% of available ventilators in use
82% of ICU beds in use
76% inpatient beds in use

Positive cases and deaths are only going to go up. Knowing that 25k have been infected only is useful if you are calculating numbers for herd immunity. What you need to know is currently active infected, which is much harder to find. As of May 25th the estimated recovered is 58.8%. In terms of the general population, 436 of the 868 (roughly 50%) of deaths have occurred in nursing homes. I see that as important information to understand how protocols need to be setup for the general population and at risk groups.

Again I’m all for the precautions and measures, but banging the drum of ever increasing infection is not giving a clear picture of the reality we are faced with.

It might finally get the message through to Stay The Fuck Indoors. That’s the reality we’re living in.


For the past several weeks I’ve been keeping a running spreadsheet for New Mexico: Tested, Positive, and Dead. Sometimes I forget to update daily, but it’s enough to derive the 7-day running averages.