U.S. Military bans GPS-enabled fitness trackers

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/07/u-s-military-bans-gps-enabled.html


Us in the military industrial complex, me on the nuke side, have been told that we should expect reduced connectivity and awesomeness. Possibly to the point of pushing paper around. I do know of a few occurrences of shipping hard drives by courier to keep things off of the interwebs (we all share the same infrastructure - just some of it is encrypted).


A long time ago, I worked on a large IRS campus for a while. There was no cell coverage at all, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they used jammers.

Why the Big Brother tag? Doesn’t this mean reduced surveillance?

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“U.S. servicemembers and other Defense Department personnel can no longer use fitness trackers or certain other geolocation devices and applications in parts of the world deemed operational areas, including warzones, Pentagon officials announced Monday.”

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