U.S. State Department email systems hacked


Well, yes. Of course they were hacked. That isn’t news.

Oh… you mean by someone who isn’t the NSA.

In a world of pervasive surveillance, headlines like this rapidly lose any meaning or impact.


Or they’re instilling the public with the thought that, hey, we’re not hacking [insert nation-state actor here]'s State Department, they’re being shitty. So we need the NSA to keep doing what it’s doing to protect us all!

Which is rubbish, of course. It also makes me wonder why the hell the American government isn’t using it’s vast NSA resources to better protect the online resources we’re currently running.

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Pretty sure hacking the White House wasn’t part of the KKK project.

Yeah, you’d think a group called the National Security Agency would care more about improving security as opposed to breaking it.

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Only unclassified systems were hacked. The White House already has a solution: make ALL government information classified, ASAP.

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