UAE surveillance contractor is recruiting an army of foreign hackers to break into its citizens' devices

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Well, we already knew we’re living in a Philip K Dick dystopia written by William Gibson.

Who do you suppose Daesh hires?

I’m just glad our own government would never ever do anything like this. /s


Hmm. So are they looking to control the well to do locals, or the mass of immigrants servicing them?


Both, most likely. The locals are outnumbered by immigrants. But, not all the locals are well-to-do, contrary to popular belief even within the country. There is definitely a lot of politics going on when it comes to keeping the right people happy, and the locals are only a small part of that. In more detail they’re probably looking to:

  • Crack down on private assembly by people deemed “Islamists.”
  • Find and counter Iranian espionage.
  • Subvert a serious (but heavily suppressed in terms of public knowledge) organized crime problem.
  • Use it as an abortifacient for nascent labor movements.
  • Good old enforcement of federal laws. The UAE doesn’t have to pretend it respects your right to privacy. That’s not even on the books to a large extent.

Is it just me or does this guy looks like Mark Ruffalo… better not make him angry just in case.


He’s what my cattier friends would describe as “juicy”

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