Ex-NSA whistleblower says she and other US ex-spooks targeted Americans on behalf of UAE


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/02/14/literal-american-exceptionalis.html

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So she only started giving a shit when she realized they were targeting US citizens instead of common brown people from other countries? How magnanimous


What a piece of human garbage. I guess her conscience only jumps in if its American people that are targeted but critics of a brutal regime that happen to be citizens of another nation don’t matter. I’m glad for the whistle blowing but just barely. She and her co-workers are accomplice to murder and torture.


She’s still at large? And not in hiding?


“Ex”-spooks are only allowed to do this for favoured brutal regimes. If they do it for “rogue states” they are in trouble.

Witt remains at large in Iran


Gee, who would ever have imagined that spying on peoples’ supposedly private exchanges of information would lead to nefarious results?


Reuters say the FBI is investigating whether any of the ex-NSA employees… revealed US state secrets in the course of their duties.

Only state secrets? No concern about possible intrusion into the private lives of their fellow Americans?



Australian and American mercenaries committing war crimes in Yemen on behalf of the UAE.

TLDL: the UAE air force is run by a guy who used to be a US Army Special Forces air commander.

The UAE Special Forces are commanded (and substantially manned) by Australian ex-SAS.

Both are totally complicit in huge quanitities of war crimes.


Duh. If you don’t want to spy on Americans, do not work for the NSA in the first place, ever. Because that’s what they do.


The US government sold us all long ago…

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An NSA spokesman declined to comment on Raven. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment. A spokeswoman for UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment. The UAE’s Embassy in Washington and a spokesman for its National Media Council did not respond to requests for comment.

Wonder who sold Karma to Raven/DREAD, does the seller have access to the same information?


Spying on children so that they turn up in torture prisons - No problemo.

Spying on US Americans - No, sorry, that’s wrong.

Need to protect the Herrenvolk eh? It’s just brown people …

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