Uber CEO Travis Kalanick takes "leave of absence without return date" to "grieve for his mother"

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Is that why he was in the lactation room? Grieving for his mother?


So I have to ask - when did his mother actually die? Recently? Ten years ago? Either way, this is clearly an excuse for a change-up since, reportedly, “He is set to have fewer responsibilities upon his return.”


His butt hurt will go away, someday.

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Three weeks ago.


That is quite recent. The timing is coincidental but wow that’s sad.


This story is completely true.
But by “grieve” he means “hire,” and by “mother” he means “prostitute.”


When my own mother passed away I decided that I would never judge anyone else for how they grieve.

But I do have one question: Is he going to be grieving in a country with no extradition treaty with the US?


Coincidental {wink}{wink}

That’s a horrible thought that I’m sure has no grain of truth, but some many lately seem to not have a shread of decency that it just comes to mind unaided

Sorry this happened to him and yeah, everyone grieves differently. But waiting the two and a half weeks for the new findings… Reminiscent of 2000-2004 when each and every dot-bomb chief officer left their company “to spend more time with family.”

Here are the Covington and Burlington recommendations.

1.A. = "Review and Reallocate the Responsibilities of Travis Kalanick."

Also, since he’s the guy who nicknamed the company “boob-er”, I’m sure that tragedy won’t keep him from motorboating.

From: Travis Kalanick
To: Employees
Subject: You better read this or I’ll kick your ass

So recent enough to be plausible, but long enough that one wonders what he was doing for the better part of a month…

C’mon Rob, that’s low. His mother was killed and father was hospitalised less than three weeks ago. Talk about conspicuously disgusting – would you please reconsider those quotation marks?

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OMG Wikileaks just released videotapes that Travis Kalanick recorded himself of goings on in his office. It’s a smoking gun! The beginning of Ubergate!


I don’t think Rob was implying that the Uber CEO isn’t grieving this loss. He’s making the point that it’s likely NOT why he’s taking the leave of absence.

Kind of like James Comey’s firing. Maybe what he did with regards to the Clinton email affair wasn’t right, and possibly even a firing offense. Heck, maybe despite what the acting FBI director said about Comey having broad support of the FBI, he actually didn’t, and it was in disarray. That stuff doesn’t matter, because the question is why WAS he fired. And Trump himself said on multiple occasions, it was because of the “Russia thing.”

So back to Uber piece-of-shit-in-chief. He’s allowed to grieve. He probably genuinely is, unless he’s a full-on sociopath (a possibility). But the evidence is that he is leaving due to their current crisis that he’s been a big part of. The accident happened weeks ago. Why did it take him weeks to take a grief-related leave of absence? That’s not normal, people usually take time off of work for a death right after the death, not weeks after. The timing is highly suspicious. This is what I interpreted the quotes to mean. I think your calling Rob “disgusting” is over the top.


When my mother died, I tried to work some. It was my only brief respite from the horror and grief, to be able to totally focus my mind on something else for a bit. It was only a few days of off-hours remote work before I finished that project and did take the leave of absence with indeterminate return date. However, I had had enough time to visit and say goodbye before the end. I don’t know how I would have reacted differently if it had been sudden like a boating accident. Or if I was the CEO of a company juggling major problems at the time.

That said, it seems like it’s a good time for him to step away for a bit for multiple reasons. And good for others that he do so.


I read those quotation marks as, you know, quotation marks. Something that tells the reader which part of the text is a quotation from another source.


Yea, I don’t get making jokes about somebody else’s grief. Maybe if there’s evidence they’re lying. But there isn’t.

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Well, other than that whole thing where the guy has publicly acted like a sociopath for a number of years now…

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Plus the long-established history of corporate and political 0.1%ers routinely abusing “family reasons” as an excuse for any embarrassing withdrawal from a career position.