Uber drivers across America are going on strike -- UPDATED

I completely agree, my 1st job is a server at a restaurant, I drive 45 minutes one way to work every day and I really depend on those tips everyday. I also drive for uber, so for every 6.80 fare someone pays I get $3.49 plus a tip if they are ever so kind.

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Why is there not a P2P solution to this yet? I’m serious. Every one of these “gig economy” empires can topple the instant a decent P2P version of their business model pops up. Where is the Bitcoin of Uber? Where is the BitTorrent of AirBnB? There are pro’s and con’s to central authority vs. fully decentralized reputation-based, etc… but why haven’t we even seen the alternative show up?

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Here in Austin, we tried to do some mild regulation of these ‘services’. They left in a huff and then went to the state legislature which always shits on Austin (the goddam fucking capital city). I not only hope that the strike works, but that it fucking cripples these horrible excuses for well, whatever in the fuck it is they do. The concept seem fine, but the implementation is awful.

If you think about it, there’s not much of a difference between UBER and the Republic in the Star Wars Films… 1. Start off by playing the good guy; 2. Replace all the workers with robots; and, 3. Conquer the world by Squashing anybody that tries to stand in the way. We can call this movie #GIG WARS. It would start off something like this…

Ten years ago, in a city far far away, the Republic of UBER was formed to bring Order to the RideSharing Universe…

follow the story on www.twitter.com/gigwars

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