Uber loves competition, when it's the one doing the competing

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This just in…

Company that specializes in disrupting existing transit paradigms is offended when it’s own paradigm is disrupted.


You Leftists and Other Socialists are always underestimating the value hypocrisy adds to the Free Market.


This is pure capitalism - pull up that ladder!


Yup, Never hear of hypercrisy, do we?


"We believe in the free market and welcome the competition!

Unless it affects us directly, then we have to protected!"


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I’m trying to find a book that came out a few years ago that critically examined the value of hypocrisy, so every so often, I find and collect defenses of the vice. Here’s one featuring Barney Frank.

Stephenson’s Diamond Age made the argument that in order to become better, a society needs to be hypocritical; that only by striving to ideals that you can’t currently achieve can you improve yourself to the point where you’ll be able to achieve those ideals.

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Ascribing human emotions and foibles like hypocrisy to a corporation makes no sense. For profit corporations are psychotic no matter what.

Indeed. Very much my feeling on the matter. But if one wishes to achieve that ideal it’s important not to focus on the non-ideal competition.

Every year, the organization Reporters without Borders releases it’s report on World Press Freedom, where it rates various countries against an ideal of a free press. And then it proceeds to rank those countries from first (currently Finland) to last (Eritrea).

So, you have countries such as Russia where the ranking has “improved” but on measured against an ideal, things have gotten worse.

This sort of reporting can miss the point of the whole exercise.

Perhaps a better term is “psychopathic”.

The psychopath test that we’re talking about all this hour is used by prisons, and by courtrooms. And the questions on the test are supposed to measure whether you have any of the traits on this checklist of 20 traits that scientists have observed in psychopaths. Lack of remorse, impulsivity, failure to take responsibility for your actions, pathological lying, sexual promiscuity. And because it’s a checklist, sometimes people just call the test “the checklist,” though sometimes they call it by its formal name, the PCL-R, which stands for Psychopathy Check List Revised.

Psychosis is characterized by a break from reality. Hallucinations. Hearing voices.

Which condition is more “profitable” for an organization to ‘adopt’?

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