Ubisoft's gamer survey first asks if you're female, and terminates if you say "yes"

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I wonder if the survey has a unique key or not.

If not, it’d be fun to spam that survey with as many “Female” entries as we can, to make a point about how many female fans they have.


I am unable to find the actual survey. The most recent Ubisoft survey I can find seems to be specifically for The Division?

I don’t think I know anyone at Ubisoft at the moment, or I’d ask them “what the hell??”


I feel like this will become another storm of apologists if this story spreads.


“With our WYSIWYG survey software, ANYONE can create a custom survey that can easily be filled out by your customers, giving you that much needed insight through data analysis.”


What was the actual survey about? They could have a legitimate reason to want males to answer. I can’t think of a good reason though.


the survey says something about a game in development, so maybe some kind of closed beta?

Even if that is true, just take all the survey data. You can easily cull the responses you don’t want and avoid bad PR.

Unless its like trying to find gamer penis sizes for a new VR sex game… I guess that would be a legit exception…


What are the questions if you answer ‘male’? :thinking:

Maybe Ubisoft is out to profile and eradicate d-bros! :blush:

To be fair, the next question is:

Do you live in your parents’ basement and spend most of your time eating cheetos and wanking it to questionable anime?

  • Yes
  • No

Which also ends the survey if you select the wrong thing.


Games companies have got a lot of stick over the years for their failure
to understand, cater to, and appreciate their masses of female
customers, but it’s a rare thing for a company’s commercial blind-spots
to be so vividly illustrated in two screens.

Stick doesn’t make sense, which suggests to me your voice recognition or word suggestion software is stuck in prude mode.

Free the shit!


Males don’t have to be your only audience ubisoft.


Stick is a UK term for complaint, disfavour, annoyance, disagreement, unfavourable talk back, etc.


Nah, that’s just Cory using his wacky Brit slang:

Picking on, bullying, being mean.
“I like your hair today!”
“Me too, but I’ve got alot of STICK for it though.”

EDIT - jeffv beat me to it! I hope nobody gives me stick for being late.


It’s the only demo they give a shit about, “legitimate” enough for their needs…

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Par for the course for the company that ruined Heroes of Might and Magic

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Interesting that whomever set up that survey has it terminate upon revealing your gender. Even if you’re looking to target a specific audience getting input from outside your desired target is still valuable, could be sex, age, economic background, etc.
The knee-jerk reaction to this would be outrage, but i think embarrassing Ubi over this short sighted, poorly thought out survey is enough for them to use this as a learning experience. At least i would hope so… seems more constructive than outrage.


To be fair, you can do all of that and not be a misogynist, contrary to the RedPillers who believe otherwise.

I’m at ubisoft at the moment and, yeah, What the hell?

I don’t know what game this is for, nor why it’s filtering on gender. I’d like to think it’s an unintentional fuckup, but don’t have any actual information.


Yeah, hi, that was my post. You might know me as a sometime infrequent contributor on the first incarnation of Boing Boing’s offworld.

The survey is for a (I think) unannounced mobile game and I didn’t want to bring any undue attention to the game as this survey is most definitely not from the developers themselves. My wife is on an early play test / beta list for UBISoft Toronto which is why that survey is likely not very public. I can provide the link to someone (hi Corey, friend of Torrez) if you question the validity.

It was more of an “man that’s stupid” kind of post, after my wife’s input felt rejected, and I didn’t expect it to explode like that.