UK Chancellor wants to exempt families of "Politically Exposed Persons" from money laundering scrutiny

‘The amendment was introduced by Tory MP Charles Walker, who refuses to publish his tax return. He compared the mandatory publication of MPs’ tax returns to a law that banned curtains.’

What’s the betting Charles Walker will forget this comparison and happily walk though the government’s lobby when the Snooper’s Charter returns to the Commons?

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Look guys, that’s not how it’s done. You’re never supposed to explicitly say that you live by different rules than the plebs. You’re just supposed to make sure that anyone with the power to prosecute you knows which side their bread is buttered on.

Look to Hillary Clinton and David Petreus if you want some good examples of how to do it right.

Fucking amateurs.

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doesn’t the power to prosecute ultimately lie with whomever controls a majority in parliament?

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