UK government produces numbingly boring cartoon defending rights of copyright proprietors


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I mean, what’s wrong with that? Lots of cool places have those.



I am literally that hairy, too. Just a thick mat of ginger hair from the navel down.


The foot-long metatarsals, too. Funny when you think about it!




Why are they meerkats?


The government agency is spending £20,000 of its own money on the latest Nancy campaign, which is part-funded by the UK music industry.

Whose money?


The single most effective thing they can do is the simple announcement I’ve seen in a couple movie credits recently: “This movie created 40,000 jobs for two years” (or whatever the actual number was).


Well, congrats, Brits; you finally came up with something worse than “Don’t Copy That Floppy”. I never would’a thunk it.


(So called “intellectual property”)


Does anybody have a torrent for the cartoon?



Meerkats are oddity popular animals in the UK, largely because of insurance advertising.


Yeah, it’s badly written, but I suppose it’s 20k of gov’t money plus an unidentified sum of music industry money. Something like that.



That cartoon is nuts. Why do they care so much about logos and trademarks? Is that ever an issue? Or is the logo a “gateway trademark” they think will somehow indoctrinate kids into not sharing music/movies/etc ?

And why do they pick on Kitty Perry, instead of Ed Shearling, who is really the one who has been stealing people’s songs left and right?


Intellectual property people recoil from those kinds of arguments because they place the value of intellectual property in utilitarian arguments that tend to seep dangerously into its foundations.

“Created jobs while it was being made” is good while it’s being made and shortly thereafter, but how many jobs will it be making in eighty years? Permanent, secure ownership of expressive work is often plainly an enemy of public and private utility.



With the right paperwork, literally dozens and dozens of housekeepers, maids, drivers, au pairs, and other domestic employees of your betters. Not to mention the literally 10s of lawyers involved.


Isn’t there a Murphy’s Law-type situation where these awful propaganda pieces inevitably reuse or steal someone else’s images, music or ideas?
We’ve already seen that they’re lazily appropriated the “compare the market” meerkats: c’mon folks, there’s GOTTA be some more “one rule for you” irony in here somewhere…