UK Information Commissioner's Office raids Cambridge Analytica's London office


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Well, of course they don’t have the data anymore: Facebook’s lawyers spent all day there a couple of days ago.



Well, it’s not as if they’ll have used all this advance notice to move the incriminating evidence, is it:

And here’s a picture of some completely unrelated storage boxes being removed from the building that the press managed to snap yesterday.

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The company believed that the data had been obtained in line with Facebook’s terms of service and data protection laws

From what I’ve heard, they’re right, they’ve broken no laws. I’m not even sure I would fault them on ethics. It’s Facebook that promises privacy and then leaks like a sieve, and its users who could maybe be more circumspect. But I’ve been told that’s victim-blaming.


I have so far seen no reporting here as to WHY it took the ICO a couple of days to get a warrant approved, after they announced they were seeking one. It should not take that long when disks can be wiped/relocated in minutes.
The BBC news last night reported something to the effect that CA commented there was nothing to see here - well, duh, obviously, seeing as they’d had a couple of days’ warning of the warrant application.




Part of being an ethical creature is being aware of others’ ethical limits, or lack of them. One needs to examine what one is being asked, or paid, or contracted to do, so that one isn’t compromised by others. After all, it’s been determined that “we were only doing what we were told to” is a very limited defence.


Cynically manipulating people through their biases to skew elections is definitely unethical. The fact it’s not illegal says more about the problems in politics than its ethical standing. What’s changed with CA (among others) is that now it’s possible to cynically manipulate sizeable portions of the population through micro-targeted bias pokes.

Of course, this is even less ethical when you lie and cheat the system to cover your tracks (or electoral spending limits).


Thanks for that. (And by ‘here’ in my post, I did mean TV / newspapers in UK. Trust The Register! :wink: )


“We in no way resemble the politically motivated and unethical company that some have sought to portray,”

I guess I didn’t necessarily think of them as politically motivated so much as completely amoral. Sort of like the mercenary big data version of Blackwater. “You want us to go in and fuck things up for money? Okay!”


They look like a completely different politically motivated and unethical company.


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