UK regulators ban lies in ISP ads, advertised speeds drop by 41%


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The UK has regulators that actually regulate?

What a quaint notion.


On the one hand even the old numbers gave you at least SOME basis for comparison. OTOH I wonder to what extant the networks were designed to maximize that “best 10%” rather than “what the majority of people actually experience.”


But wait, Libertarians are always telling us that the market will sort things out, that corporations are benevolent, and that government regulation puts us on the Road to Serfdom.


When you point out that “markets only work where the consumers have accurate information,” they usually retreat to complaining about regulatory burdens and the cost of providing that information.


It’s always an excuse to cover up the fact that many of them believe information asymmetry is a good and natural thing in the market, giving an advantage to ruthless and intellectually superior actors (as they fancy themselves) in what they also think is a zero-sum game.


Clearly, Brexit did not Make Them Great Again. UK, Great Britain, they used to call it England…


“Information is power, and that is why you don’t have any.”


Yes, they tell, us that, but they don’t have to believe it, do they. It’s better, in fact, that they don’t - they just need enough of us to believe it


that’s key. it’s easy to have 100% of your customers achieve those highest speeds at least once a day/session cycle using bursting. Not so easy to achieve those speeds consistently.


Virgin Media was the only ISP whose advertised speeds went up after the rule change.

I can’t hold them up as an example of a fantastic company, but fair’s fair, we pay them money and get a really fast, unthrottled connection. Their modems are still junk though.


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