EU ISPs will slow parts of the Internet to a crawl if we don't stop bad net neutrality rules

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But I’m in the UK. I no longer have the authority to tell the EU what to do.


but you could use the 350,000,000 £ per week to improve the British internet - the funds are available as they are not going into the NHS!


First we have to fill the hole caused by the vote to leave - currently in excess of 20 years of EU net contributions and rising.
The only amusement is the sight of different Conservative MPs trying to invent different ways out of the crisis. Second referendum? Commission to decide strategy that will take forever? Parliamentary vote?
We can’t even get broadband to a significant part of the population - because of infighting between the supposedly privatised BT, the mobile network providers and the government. Net neutrality? At this rate we’ll be contending for access to the piece of string between two tin cans.

you mean the one Hunt proposed?

before setting the [article 50] clock ticking, we need to negotiate a deal

Will not happen. This would be a political suicide for the EU-27. Is he a typical example of a British politician? If so your politicians have no clue about politics…

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more on topic - it is extremly funny that uses CloudFlare, one of the worst net neutrality killers. I’m using Tor for browsing. I’m not able to read the page without solving captchas.

but anyway, I also missed informations about the EU regulator, to give a more balanced view between two biased stakeholders: BEREC: Net Neutrality. I cannot compare their points with the one of as the latter blocks my access.


He is a typical example of a right wing politician from a privileged background. I don’t suppose his nanny ever said “no” to him.
Please remember that an estimated 3/4 of the House of Commons wanted to stay in the EU. Of the rest there are a few with genuinely libertarian principles (David Davis), a few with roots in the Indian subcontinent who dream of return to the British Commonwealth, and a significant number who see support for the ideas of the Right as a chance to build a power base. Not so different from other European countries.

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