Time is running out for Net Neutrality in Europe: here's what you can do about it

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Hi Cory,

The introduction is a bit inacurrate:
The EU law on open internet access (“Regulation (EU) 2015/2120” in EU-speak) has been adopted through the usual legislative process:
First a proposal by the Commission, then both the Council (ministers from each member state) and the European Parliament have to adopt the same text, amending it along the way.

What it’s about now is the guidelines on how to put the law in practice and monitor its application.
Those guidelines are being written by BEREC, the “Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications”. BEREC is a completely different entity from the European Commission.

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Small addition: BEREC’s position on net neutrality is here.

The organisation behind Safe the Internet uses CloudFlare for content delivery, one of the worst enemies of an open and unrestricted internet. Kind of ironic.

But the idiot Oettinger tries very hard to weaken net neutrality (e.g. with useless exceptions for autonomous cars) and as responsible commissioner in a central role for open and covert interference.

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… a decision that will adversely effect the lives of hundreds of
millions of people being taken by unelected bureaucrats, working in
obscurity, attended by the well-paid lobbyists of the telcoms industry,
which will only make continental headlines when it is a fair accompli.

With the exception of the word, “bureaucrats”, how exactly does this differ from anything done by UK Gov?

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Why are you giving an exception to the civil service?

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Good thing the beaurocrats at the FCC in the US are democratically elected… Oh, wait…

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