Open net gets a huge boost in the EU: net neutrality and no roaming fees


Good for them, sets an example that the world should follow.

They do some good for once!
How does the new law comply with UK firewall?

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Also from that story: no more mobile roaming costs. My god, that would be AMAZING to have even just between Canada and America.


Irrelevant. You guys vote yourself out soon, one can hope.

Why would you hope that the current UK regime drives the nation’s people to such isolationist, xenophobic heights?

Shouldn’t we be hoping that the current UK regime itself gets voted out and replaced with a sane one instead?


I’m glad to hear that every country isn’t shooting its internet in the foot with shortsighted ignorance. I was saddened by the recent ruling in the USA.

net neutrality is a key piece of the internet. All bandwidth on the internet is paid for twice, once by the hosts connection, and once by the consumers connection. Both ends pay for their bandwidth in full, and the organizations they pay, pay the middle men twice, via something known as peering agreements. In fact we overpay for mediocre bandwidth in the USA. The idea that these greedy companies need to charge even more when they are posting record profits is ludicrous. The internet has been neutral since it’s inception, it is how it works and what keeps it level and allows innovation, and any other other model will fundamentally break how it works and stifle innovation.

If I pay my ISP for my bandwidth, or a co-location center for hosting bandwidth, I expect to be able to use what I’ve purchased however I want. Having them downgrade my service to try and squeeze extra money from their ability to strong arm both parties is unacceptable. They benefit from public funds to build an infrastructure that they already make a killing off of, asking them to allow us to decide what we want to use the bandwidth we’ve purchase on is not unreasonable.

The US internet is already lagging dangerously behind many other countries, I’m afraid this money grubbing anti net neutrality trend is going to be the nail in the coffin and drive much of the internet industry to more favorable countries and it is our last economic stronghold and one of the few things the USA still produces. The politicians that have been taking money from these corporations for passing such short sighted laws should be ashamed, they are selling America’s future for their own personal gain.

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Decades of voting for governments that were throwing wrenches into the EU workings, demanding the Extrawurst-treatment and then whining about the ineffectual EU. It’s not the “regime”, it’s the population. As far as I know the UK is a democratic country and you guys voted for all those “regimes”.

Large parts of the EU, me included, have enough of that and the recent revelations about the UK playing the US’s fifth column are just the icing on the cake. You need us more than we need you. Kthxbye

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