UK reports of webcam blackmail (sextortion, RATting, etc) more than double in 2016


It was. Hard to believe it’s from the same writer as most of the other episodes. Episode 1 of this season, Nosedive, was treated lightly, despite the creepy nature of the subject matter, and had an uncharacteristically positive ending by Black Mirror standards.

All in all, though, BM remains one of the grimmest and most pessimistic TV series ever.


Agreed. Just rewatched White Bear last night. That shit is dark. Very much in the tradition of the Twilight Zone, I think.


Yeah. It’s almost as bad as real life.


That would be my suspicion as well. And, while less overtly scary than high end malware, it’s likely the harder problem to solve.

Technical flaws can be fixed(and, although pitifully slowly, the situation has mostly improved over the past couple of decades); but nothing actually has to be broken for the person on the other end of the line to be betraying you. Trying to fix that technologically would put you in exactly the same position as Team DRM; which is never a good sign.


PEBCAK + Horny. Bad mix.


It really was. The rest of the season had stories worth telling for the here and now i think but this one was so much needed amongst the bleakness, though that final image did offer a black mirroresque chill up the spine, to me anyway. Jeff vandermeer wrote a great article about the humanity of black mirror and how it offers a positive contrast to the setting -


I fear this is only going to get worse once the investigatory powers act comes into full force and ISPs are holding a years worth of everyone’s browsing history. Once one gets hacked, and they will, there’ll be some horrifying opportunities for exploitation and blackmail.


Thanks for reminding me. I bought a new laptop last week.


I may rewatch the entire series some day, but two episodes I don’t think I can manage a second time are “Shut Up and Dance” and particularly “White Bear”, which is grindingly, almost unbearably sad and plays like a paraphrase of that quote from 1984: Imagine a boot stamping on one particular woman’s face, forever.

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