UK retailer offers Christmas trees for cat lovers


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I don’t believe these people have ever been exposed to any of our feline friends.



My cat:

  1. Fireplace mantle. Knock off all picture frames.
  2. Chew on wreath.
  3. Play with ornaments hanging under mantle until all of them fall and break.
  4. Oh, look! A tree! Proceed to do best flying squirrel imitation, leap into the top of tree, knocking it to the ground.


In the U.S. I guess we could use chainsaws to get the same look…but it won’t keep my cat from seeing it as a new challenge.:smirk_cat:


In the split second before I read ‘cat lovers’ I thought it was a tree for people who needed to accommodate giant piles of presents.


Yeah, the fact that the very first picture shows one of these trees right next to a mantelpiece shows an endearing lack of understanding of the tactics cats will deploy against any form of xmas decor



I can tell by the look on its face that the cat is just eyeing the base to judge if he or she outweighs it and whether it can be toppled over once the humans are asleep.


Nice try, but most cats will only see this as a new challenge.


Like you couldn’t get this affect already by taking the bog-standard fake Christmas tree kit, and just leaving out all of the branches marked with purple paint up through orange?


This is why you’ll want to stick with the traditional x-mas palm tree instead of those newfangled conifer nonsense.


That’s a bonus, 'cuz it doubles as a scratching post.


Why pay for all those extra branches*, though? Do you have a plan for them? Surely you wouldn’t just throw them away…

:thinking: Hmm, I suppose you could fashion them into a broom of some sort, to sweep up all the kitty litter that the cat tracks through the house…

*I really have no idea about the prices of trees—I wouldn’t be surprised if this special tree with fewer branches actually costs more (niche market and all).


Most of those don’t come as a kit.

It’s just a big mass of nylon/plastic that you pull out of a box and unfold.

You could of course just snip the lower branches off for the same effect but given that the whole thing is made for people who really can’t be bothered to do anything for themselves…


They don’t really make them that way any more. Now they just come in a couple of large sections, no more branch-by-branch assembly.


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