Lion Force Voltron cat tree


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I’ll form the head!


Sadly, it’s an April Fools item.

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Think Geek has a pretty brilliant approach to April Fools - they imagine crazy awesome mostly plausible stuff, and then for any product where an army of us screams “Take my money!!!” they make the actual product


I’m pretty sure my cat just meowed “Take my money!!”, but cat dollars are just pretend, right?

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Yup. Head on over and vote to make this a real product!

I bought two can-n-steins as x-mas gifts this year - a former 4/1 pretend product.

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I thought we’d be safe from April Fool’s here at boingboing.

Unless Mr. Jason himself was fooled…?

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I just want it. :smile:


Make one. It doesn’t look all that hard to do actually.

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I tried making a cat tree once. Probably my own lack of experience was a major problem, but getting carpet to stick to the cardboard tubes was just preposterously difficult. I don’t know if there’s a special kind of carpet that covers curved surfaces more easily than regular carpet of if I’m just really bad at this stuff, but it did not go well

That one is using fleece which will be a lot easier to work with than carpet.

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I suspect that the one that will get made is going to be the Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel drink combo.

Regardless, the cats will just go hang out in the box that it came in.


Which is sad.

Make it real then.

I told WEP to make it!

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