UK schools are having issues with children who are not potty trained

“But beyond that, schools cannot take over the role of health professionals - and above all parents.”

Highlighting the growing evidence of children arriving at reception unable to use a toilet, she will add: “This is difficult for teachers, disruptive for other children and has a terrible social impact on the children affected.”


We sort of have the same problems here, or so the teachers in my circle tell me. Even as parents’ esteem for teachers declines, there is a strong tendency for people to expect teachers to take on non-pedagogical responsibilities. Meanwhile, we pay them less and less and less and less…


I wonder what “arriving at reception” means. Beginning kindergarten? Or is it something more vague?

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Pretty much. Reception year is the year before formal teaching begins.


I agree teachers should be paid more, but quite frankly I don’t think it’s unreasonable that at the lower levels like pre-k “teaching” involves teaching life skills. Not every parent is an engineer, astronaut, or professional ice cream taster like us here in the Boing Boing comments section. Some parents suck hard, and it’s in everyone’s best interest they get a good education so they can contribute to society - which starts with not shitting in potted plants.

For non-UK/non-parents - that appears to translate to children who are four or five. By that point they have supposedly been through nursery or pre-school (aged three or four).

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