UK spy agency posts data-mining software to Github

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I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry …

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I don’t get it. If I downloaded this software, don’t I also need a terabyte of metadata to feed it?

Help “improve” the software so GCHQ can collect more data about you!

Sooo… what about it? Should i be concerned? Is it on purpose that it was posted on there? I’m sort of confused here…

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Does the UK have a non notorious spy agency?

So yay? BB is all about the cult of Open Source!

In this case being #2 is nothing to be ashamed of. Thats quite an accomplishment.

Maybe some bright sparks could point it at police departments and congresscritters?

So yay.

And it’s wrong exactly why?

Unlike most other cults, opensource quite works. I have war stories and .patch files to back the claim.


I actually have no problem about the idea of open source. I won’t get into any of the religious looking schisms about licenses though.

I just wanted to enjoy the contrast of what BB “hates” (spy agencies, especially notorious ones) and what BB “loves” (free as in beer) lumped together in one post. Its like having your axe and grinding it too!

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