UK tax authority used anti-terror law to spy on whistleblower who disclosed sweetheart deal for Goldman Sachs


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Once again, UK is trying to catch up to the US. Also such nations as China and Saudi Arabia.




We’re getting closer and closer to the big secret behind mass spying that corporatists who’ve infiltrated our governments in the UK and USA desperately don’t want us to know about.


WAIT WAIT!!! Cowcide, I have it.
The big secret is they only want all power, money, and stuff in addition to 24 hour unlimited access to all attractive and interesting young men and women for meaningless exploitation, plus all the blow that the plantations of the Andes can produce.
And here come the snipers…
Been nice knowing you.



all the blow that the plantations of the Andes can produce.

Actually, I do agree with that part.

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Ceiling woman is watching you

When they say we are all in this together it’s true - against them.


It is disingenuous to refer to the RIPA as “anti-terrorism” legislation, because that implies wrongdoing in using it for other purposes. In fact terrorism is only one of a wide range of activities at which it is aimed, and it would be better described as “pro-national-security and pro-the-national-interest” legislation. In which case we could have a proper debate about whether or not this particular use of the act serves the national interest or not, and not get diverted down the rabbit-hole of terrorism.

HMRC are not a nice bunch at the policy level. They’re worse than banks, and have zero commercial accountability.

I always just play nice with them. Really, really, really nice.


“I have other duties of care to parliament and other individuals.”

Translation: “I may need to do special favors for other plutocrats in future."


"Government and business working together for a better tomorrow!"©

Surely there’s a shorter word for this…

I predict that nobody will even be fired, much less prosecuted for this. Makes vigilanteism start to seem attractive.

My ex father-in-law (shit, we need more complex nomenclature for the modern world) was, ah, somewhat creative with his VAT returns back in the day. They actually kicked his door in & dragged him away on more than one occasion. HMRC do not need a warrant, and can give you the Enhanced Four O’clock Knock, with added automatic weapons, at their discretion. Do your taxes right, folks…

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‘XFil’. That’ll do!

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