UK Tories demand a "ban this terrorist filth" button for the Web, ISPs comply




Here’s one site full of extremist filth that definitely deserves to have the button pushed on it:

Should probably go for a twofer and tidy up this seething cesspit at the same time:


Thank goodness the Daily Mail and its former owner Viscount Rothmere were here to save us from dangerous ideologies.


Oh they’re going to get a lot of daily fail articles reported.


This absolutely cries out for abuse. Report the ISPs! Report the government! Report that radicalizing queen - she and her ilk have been driving brits to terrorism since 1605!


Crowd-sourced censorship, huh? Difficult to see how that could possibly go wrong, but I’m open to the possibility there could be unforeseen problems with the idea. If only someone had tried it before so we would know how effective it was before we implemented it ourselves…


It’s not poverty, it’s not exclusion, it’s not foreign policy, it’s the internet.

Did David Cameron notice that terrorism existed before the internet? David Cameron was 3 when the IRA detonated their first bomb and 35 when they detonated their last. I guess he just didn’t notice.


He’s a politician. Not noticing the obvious is part of the job specs.

Now, the question is how to subvert the scheme so they themselves decide to call it off… Paging 4chan…


It’s only to be expected, I guess, that Cameron — born into a rich family, married into further riches — should not understand poverty at any level. You’d think he’d have more of a clue about the internet, though. He’s younger than me, for goodness’ sake!


And here I was trying to crowdsource radicalization.


Back when Bill Clinton helped bring capitalism to China, he defended the idea by saying doing so would bring democracy to China as well. Instead, what western governments discovered was that capitalism didn’t require a democracy at all, and now we’re seeing the fruits of that discovery.


Democracy actually hinders capitalism.

We’re heading into interesting times.


This proposal is totally stupid, but I personally believe various sites should take it upon themselves to just axe accounts of violent extremist viewpoints of all sides. For them it has to be a matter of triviality to know which accounts are consistently posting this stuff and to just kill them off. Why should some fucking IS arse be allowed to post on twitter if comparatively legals things (like republishing an already-published address) get accounts banned? Seems inconsistent to me. Kill the communications of these jerks and their impact will be far more minimal.


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