UK Tories send "WebCameron" YouTube channel down the memory hole, too




Since my pollsters tell me that I’m widely loathed, I’ve decided to give the people what they want: a less visible me.


Stupidly I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt yesterday. So much for Hanlon’s razor.




What? Labour’s got two snapshots this year – one in September and one in October.


Presumably they’re going to contradict themselves and they want to remove the evidence of this


Probably yes. They originate from a school of thought that gave up education for mere training.


Openness? Accountability? Ohhhh, that’s just what the terrorists want!


Is it too much to hope that having deleted their past, they’ll delete their present and future?


Big shout to @GilbertWham for spotting this issue and getting what it meant.


Maybe they are gearing up for a Stalinist Purge and are getting in their “airbrushing” first.


I was just thinking of a Milan Kundera story about a party official who fell out of favor. A picture of him with other leaders was changed so that everything was removed except his hat.

The technology has changed, but the methods remain the same.


All that will be left of David will be a air of affronted smugness.

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