UK Conservative party tries to send all official speeches down the memory hole


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Well, obviously they achieved all their election promises so there’s no need to waste valuable storage.


Since everybody’s paying attention to Russell Brand lately, I hope he makes a bit of a stink over this.

It’s precisely the sort of transparently duplicitous, blood-boiling because-fuck-you-that’s-why shenanigans that should get these scumbags bloody fired, no waiting around till the next election.

Just imagine for a moment, that this kind of shit wasn’t to be tolerated.

Imagine we could muster a shred of dignity.


Maybe we should just be grateful?

Somehow i think the worst thing about this is just how little i’m surprised about it…

Sadly this is just yet another item in the never-ending stream of lies, corruption and vileness from this cesspit of a government :frowning:


(takes piece of paper)

This just in. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. And on a lighter note, our cameras capture the public rejoicing as the chocolate ration is raised to 20 grammes a week.

Stay on thus channel for Two Minutes Hate straight after the adverts.


I’m sure RB could comment on the annual Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech that Cameron gave on Monday:


(In case anyone’s been under a rock for the last few years, “slimmed down government” means “cutting welfare” in this context. Cameron wants to encourage a “Buccaneering spirit” in the UK, that presumably alludes more to state sponsored piracy rather than the social welfare system, strict democracy and open acceptance of homosexuality seen among Buccanneers).


Ok, is it just me, or is the title of the article rather misleading? Putting a robots.txt file in a website doesn’t prevent from keeping records it already has gathered, it just prevents them from gathering new ones.

Websites change all the time, robot.txt files are nothing new and since when is ANY political party obligated to host a permanent library of their works. Political parties ALWAYS have an axe to grind and as such would be the last place I would want to depend on for reference material.

But I guess that’s me, your mileage may vary.

I thought at first I was looking at satire. The people in the picture do not appear to be squeezed into poverty.

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It’s an explicit example of a political party back-tracking directly on the promises they set out explicitly. It’s hypocrisy.

We expect, but should never accept, that from politicians.

It fits into a general theme with the current government of rolling back time to some kind of world equivalent to the TV show “The Fugitive”.

It’s vile.

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To be fair that’s the conservative line. It’s a school of politics that can be summed up as ‘me, me, me, me’.

Still horrible and anger inducing, but nothing new.

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Well, Cameron’s from a PR background, so it’s exactly what I’d expect from the oily-faced bastard. you’d think ‘Streisand Effect’ was something that would have by now imprinted itself on the Reptile’s brains, if only by dint of sheer repetition, but apparently not.


Yes an no.

You need to explicitly state what needs to be ignored in a robots.txt file, this is an undeniable and conscious decision to attempt to remove information from the internet (any legit crawler will honour that file, because it’s normally used to hide things like admin areas or content that doesn’t face the public).

Whether they delete it from their server or not isn’t hugely relevant, there’d be a copy, somewhere - but the fact they’re trying to hide it is the problem, and it does have an impact on findability - i.e. it obscures it.


Is there a country on the planet whose government doesn’t spend all it’s time acting like it hates and despises it’s constituents?

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This may well signal a serious position reversal, that people won’t like, in the near future.

Perhaps we should keep an eye if the records re-appear, to see what has changed.

Maybe they’re going to make @AwfulTheresaMay president.

Fuck, I hope not. I’ve always thought of the Home Sec’s job as a kiss of death for PM aspirations, as you’re usually universally reviled for your tenure in the job. Here’s hoping.

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As a bonus, the second picture shows the best example of a Backpfeifengesicht that I’ve seen for a while. Given the content of the article, I’m not sure that the photo editor wasn’t letting us know their own opinion of the story.


Now if they could only just “slim” down their snooping and melding in affairs that are not their business, rather than taking care of ‘business’ that is, well, their responsibility.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a desire from the last packs of assorted governments in the UK very willing to shirk what I see as their responsibility as a government. You know the boring stuff like, Health, Education, Energy, Transport. Yes they’ve been very keen to offload all of these responsibilities and replace it with, what? More invasive involvement in our lives, more protections for their pals “the corporate’s”, destruction of the environment.

I really can’t see anymore how this can even be confused with best intentions, the intentions are clear and it’s beyond any moral reasoning that they, the government are willful in the dereliction of their duties.

Personally I’d like to see revolution and these types at the end of a rope because they endanger all of us.


In the immortal words of Konrad Adenauer:
“Was interessiert mich mein Geschwätz von gestern?”
“What do I care about my babble from yesterday?”