Theresa May coughs through a catastrophic party conference speech plagued by pranks and a crumbling set


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The UK is plagued by a moronic politico just like us, how quaint.


No doubt she would have been in perfect shape were it not for the 350 million a week being taken from the NHS and tithed to Brussels…


Thank you for explaining what a P45 Form is. There were a few reports today that that just mentioned the form without explaining what it was. I would have understood “pink slip”. It’s what someone needs to hand to trump.


Unlike Rump, she’s been in politics for quite some time and really ought to know better. When the stage itself tries to walk out on you, I think it’s time to call it quits… then again, the characters waiting in the wings for her exit are none too savoury either.


Last night? She finished less than three hours ago.


Has Armando Ianucci taken over as her communications director? That speech was right out of “The Thick of It.”


I think ill move somewhere more stable like Barcelona.


If only some of the letters fell off the word “country”, like the letters o, r, and y, for example.


I do believe that world politics is now being scripted by Monty Python’s evil twin.


comedian Lee Nelson (last seen showering corrupt FIFA boss with handfuls of money) …

That counts as comedy?


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, letters started falling off the sign over the PM’s shoulder, which started off reading “Building a country that works for everyone” but which read “Building a country that works or veryone” by the end of the speech.

insert "Strong and Stable" campaign slogan joke here


It’s funny because he’s not a city vying for the Olympics.


says something
You should have clapped, folks
repeats something

Such spontaneous crowd.


What the hell is going on here and what did I just watch?


All that and also too shit. Way too shit. She could hold her hands up for being shit but I suspect the focus group results suggested not to do that. Too honest.


No. Think of it as a comedy placeholder.


It’s a crying tragedy that the first ‘o’ in the slogan was so well glued on.


I loved the fact that the backdrop was falling apart as she spoke:


I’m not entirely up to speed on the nuances of UK politics, but is it normal for a leader of the Conservative Party to wear jewelry bearing the likenesses of famous Communists?