UK Tory MP says astrology would improve NHS health outcomes


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In a world where doing or being certain things can get you dragged off by a mob and tortured to death, I’m fairly sure that not being able to bill taxpayers almost 600 pounds is ‘radical prejudice’…

Incidentally, did he not see this outcome in the stars before he attempted to expense it?


He must be a Taurus, because he’s completely full of BS.


Someone should let him know that “idiot” is not a race.


Trump called. He wants his ferret back.


Sadly he’s a pretty long way from the most powerful politician to have bought into all that nonsense. The world is lucky that Neptune wasn’t on the rise during all those nuclear arms negotiations in the 80s or Ronnie might have ordered a preemptive attack.


Yay for safe seats!

FWIW, there is precisely fuck-all in Bosworth. Must be an easy place to represent. Gives you plenty of time to kill on spurious bullshit.

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The race does not always go to the swiftest.

There was a bit of excitement 530 years ago.


They had that in the wrong place for years too!


Why are the good people of Leicestershire electing Tories? Is it just to annoy Yorkshire?

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Opposition to astrology is driven by “superstition, ignorance and prejudice”, he said. “It tends to be based on superstition, with scientists reacting emotionally, which is always a great irony.

There’s irony there, but it’s definitely not in the reactions of the scientists.

Well, where I grew up it was because of gerrymandering :smile:

Look at the shape of Charnwood. Gotta keep Stephen Dorrell in a job, let’s take Loughborough out of his constituency and keep all those affluent Tory villages together.

Leicester is solid Labour, to the extent that Keith Vaz is impregnable, as was Patricia Hewitt.

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Why, I suppose the PRSY has Harrogate to contend with, so there’s that.


Just what sort of madness is this? Sounds like he’s back there with witches, wizards and things that go bump in the night. I cannot believe this is coming from an elected official, charged with looking after the public’s interest. Sounds to me as if he would benefit from a session on a psychiatrist’s couch! Does he REALLY believe all that astrology rubbish? Sheer lunacy, if you ask me!

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