UK unemployment soars during pandemic

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[screams] what horror is this, Ireland is drifting south on that map

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Also, the whole of County Monaghan and a good part of Counties Donegal, Cavan, Meath, Louth and Dublin itself seem to have joined the UK.

As has the Isle of Man.


And the Isle of man, and what about Shetland?

Not to mention including Ireland in the British Isles. That largely depends on which isle you live on

OK< I’m off back to actually read the article and not just gripe about how bad that map is :smiley:


North Atlantic Archipelago FTW.

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You can reliably double, if not triple any uk .gov unemployment stats.

Does that include Iceland and the Faroe Islands?



Which is the whole point, the rollout out of universal credit has and continues to be a blunderfuck of huge proportions that has nudged people further to the precipice of poverty and right over the edge.

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It’s an instruction manual.

Well, wouldn’t you want to move further away from Boris/Brexit central.

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