Ukrainian MPs caught illegally casting multiple votes in Parliament. Again

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This looks like job for touch-id/fingerprint readers.

This is INCREDIBLY common in some State Legislatures across the nation.


That is a coin with two sides.
Other side is that MPs are used to find other important things to do than go to job and push buttons by themselves.
Even new “honest” and “anti-corruption” MPs are fully discredited this issue by not showing up in Rada (parliament) for very important votes.

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Yep. Happens in Texas all the time.

Once again: attempting to mechanise and automate democratic processes is completely unnecessary and an open invitation to corruption.

Get rid of the damned buttons. If they want to vote, make 'em personally appear to raise their hands where real live humans can see them do it.

Parliaments have been tallying votes without machinery for hundreds of years. It ain’t that fucking hard.


Yeah, John Oliver covered this last year:

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