UK's Vodafone lets just about any old government tap into its network




At least Vodafone's admitting as much. How many other carriers are just letting this happen quietly?


All of them.



That's a fantastically misleading title - you're implying that Vodafone have a choice in this when the entire point is that they don't. Vodafone aren't unique in this - every cell carrier is going to be forced into doing the exact same thing by host governments.

A much better headline would be "UK's Vodafone reveals how all host governments demand access to calls, and how much oversight they require"


With one correction: in this case, oversight seems to be the wrong word, spying is more appropriate. There is no oversight of the spying.


There can be oversight of spying, such as the warrants and/or judicial process that the Vodafone report describes some jurisdictions as using. Even the direct access that some jurisdictions enjoy doesn't preclude the existence of oversight on the back end, or even on the front end.


That works even without the sound, "EV-REY-ONE!!" smiley


Is Vodafone doing anything wrong ?

Let's apply the "reverse the nouns" test.

Imagine some foreign multinational was ignoring the law in your country and thus helping criminals to get away with crimes.

You'd be upset.

OK, this s BoingBoing, so you'd only be upset if the criminals had done things of which you disapprove, but the reality is that if you wish to do business in a country you have few options but to obey the law.


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