Ukulele Ike sings while lit cigarettes are plucked from his orifices

I don’t know why, but I always love it when somebody does that mouth-trumpet thing.

A lady magician! Cool! And he can do the trick too, so he’s a man magician!


Have you ever seen a man that young with pants pulled so high?

That kind of question can get the answerer in real trouble around here. Are you sure you want to be responsible for that?

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I’ve often wanted to put lit cigarettes INTO the bodily orifices of people playing ukuleles.


…something something chain smoking and littering…

Awesome saturated technicolor … or was this formerly black and white and colorised? Doesn’t matter. I like it.

Hawaii wasn’t a state until 1959. Today you wouldn’t say you have traveled to the United States if you visited Puerto Rico, likewise at that time you probably wouldn’t say you had visited the US if you visited Hawaii. But I suspect I’m just nit picking.

And that is probably a Hollywood sound stage and not some bar in Hawaii. So the observations on Hawaii are pointless.

The slight of hand is quiet good but it doesn’t stand up to careful examination, the smoke gives it all away. The obvious is that she has a pack of lit cigarettes in her palm, which is born out by the fact the orientation of her hand never changes with regards to the audience and that when she reaches for another cigarette from his jacket etc her hand trails smoke.

The magic distracts the audience from a decent song.

The solution isn’t quite that obvious, if I remember the trick correctly. (Actually, I think there are a couple of ways of performing that effect, but one is a standard off-the-shelf item at magic suppliers.) Look up “cigarette catching”. The filmmakers did take advantage of their medium to introduce one “prover” that’s a pure cheat.

I agree she isn’t operating it remarkably creatively.

Hey, what’s Danny from the Hawaii Five-0 remake doing applauding at the end there?

IMDB page

Basically this is a commercial for Hollywood’s Lido Lounge and for MGM contract players.”

As has been posted already, many websites state her to be Belgian Jean Van Dyk- stage name Suzy Wandas- and many others, like us, continue to scratch heads.

Hawaii was still a vacation destination long before its addition as a state and as BlindWanderer pointed out, discussions about Hawaii are pointless.

Let us enjoy the sight gag and not analyze it!

This is the internet. We must analyze EVERYTHING.


Which apparently provides “Feminine conditioning” according to their sign at the end of the video.

So many directions to take that phrase…

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Power of… a Pedant! Hey! You!

When you spell ‘ukulele’ right in this context, you are spelling “Ukelele Ike” wrong. Even Robert Crumb, in beautiful hand lettering, failed to give the name the way Edwards used it. I see it spelled right in one place in the article.

Well, I must go use my pedant powers elsewhere. Somebody is writing “Rachmaninov”!

Hey! You!

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Yeah, my nephew walks around like that. We can’t figure it out.

Funny, sad, and true.

Why “Feminine Conditioning” made me think of this video, I’ve no idea:

Censors made them cut out the part where she produced the Gran Habano cigar.

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