Ultra-rich are sorry that Obamacare is still law of the land


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Fun Fact:

The 400 richest households likely doesn’t include Trump.




Have no fear, ultra-rich. The GOP are working on the massive tax cuts for you as quickly as possible. Gotta get those rammed through before the midterms and the Trump admin’s collapse.



Yeah – that’s one of the reasons he’s not keen on showing his recent tax returns – it isn’t just the likely possibility that there was some cheating involved; it’s also that he’s likely a mere multimillionaire nowhere close to being a billionaire.


It’s been a firmly established USian principal, since the days of the “death tax” that only the problems of the rich are really worth debating at all in congress. If the poor and middle class don’t like it, let them buy their own damn congress!


I wonder if the richest Americans are really that rapacious, or if maybe lickspittle Republicans just assume they are. Here, Sir, have another tax break, and the blood of my firstborn! At least some of them must realize they earn more money when the economy is good, and rampant feudalism is not actually good for the economy. The railroad barons of the 19c found that once they had enough, more wasn’t much fun, so they started endowing colleges and museums.

Wouldn’t it be a weird irony if the richest Americans didn’t actually want the ACA repealed, but their lackeys just don’t know how else to express their servitude?


To those people yes it is.


Think about where those fortunes came from in the first place! It certainly wasn’t on fair trade, 15$ an hour living wages!



Is clawing back a few nickels and dimes really worth immiserating 20 million people?

you really don’t understand these people


Like Cosco socks which are sadly the true value of congress.


Anally, with a broomstick, one penny at a time.

Sorry for the image. My dander is up.


If immiserating 20 million people only costs nickles and dimes, it’s one of the best deals ever.


Why don’t the labels line up with the bars?! Somebody at Mother Jones needs a lesson in data visualization.


Don’t forget how the GOP always gets away with these [unfunded] tax cuts: they always frame it as middle-class/small-business tax relief.

Sure, they give $500,000 to the wealthy, and $50,000,000 to the ultra-wealthy.

But :SHINY OBJECT: they give $50.00 to the poor and $250.00 to the middle class!



the chart is off due to its bad labels. according to the source data, if you make 500k you might save 4k, and then the savings ramps up from there.

income is so out of whack with actual labor invested. sigh


Certainly Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have made statements to the effect that they consider themselves undertaxed.


that would apply to the first generation rich, but the ones we have now are 2nd or 3rd generation and they haven’t ever known about having to work for anything. They are ones who would cheerfully cut healthcare for 24 million people just to get that much more money.