Umberto Eco, 1932-2016

Yes, I think so.
Dan Brown, though, is one of those people I suspect of creating what I think of as “stealth screenplays.” Things like books and web narratives (comics, etc.) that are clearly being created not for the medium in which they exist but to get attention and be turned into movies. I’m not sure why they aren’t turned into screenplays to begin with…


Republican presidential candidates?

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And then Aprille, with its showres soote, will bring flowers out of the dead land.

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'Cept G-d isn’t the author, he’s the inspiration for all the other authors.

Also the history of library science and the problems with the classification of information.

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Behind the Valley of Foucault’s Pendulum

A Signifier Too Far

Foucault’s 11


It’s well known that The Mother of Dragons has no idea what a good time really is.


I think I’m safe in proclaiming that poet as already dead (and out of copyright, even).

That’s for the rest of the bible. But the 10 commandments were licensed to Moses by God. Apparently under some sort of CC license requiring attribution.


I can’t think offhand of any CC licences which don’t permit modification, which would make the Ten Commandments much more fun.


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Pseudo Eco


Dan Brown?



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I have to confess that my only associations with Umberto Eco are Christian Slater’s bum and the Foucalt’s Pendulum time-bomb in Steve Jackson’s Killer.

On the to-be-read list.

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If I may praise Baudolino as an apparently lesser known work of Eco’s. The affect on me of Eco’s work is essentially not to believe anything anyone writes or says about anything. I suspect that is his main point but his life’s work seemed to be to state that much more rigorously and enjoyably in his fiction…

And a fable intended to explain why libraries need fire extinguishers.


Reading John Ralston Saul also gives you the same feeling - “Like, y’know, this guy’s reading everything!” Well, not so much the ‘read everything’, but the ‘and he hasn’t forgotten anything from them’.

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