"Unapproved pharmaceutical ingredients" the secret to many vitamin supplements


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Blimey, Capitalism seems to actively go out of its way to kill its customer base.


I know, right? This makes no sense - wouldn’t parsley be so much cheaper? And the placebo effect is just as powerful as ever.


Stop making sense of things.


One of the biggest proponents of keeping the supplemental vitamin products unregulated is everyone’s favorite, Oral Hatch. He’s such a champion of the people and making sure everyone is healthy.


One of the subtle side-plots of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake is that pharmaceutical companies occasionally put carcinogens in expensive vitamins… because if you can afford expensive vitamins, you can clearly afford expensive chemotherapy.


No, that burning sensation from the herbalife isn’t because you’re “detoxifying”. It’s actually quite the opposite.


Creative destruction?


Ok, So did you read the research associated with this article. I don’t think so, because your headline is totally inaccurate and misleading. The research had nothing to do with vitamin supplements, as the misleading, attention grabbing headline suggests. The study was about “Dietary supplements”, specifically marketed for weight loss, sexual enhancement or muscle building. These are so different from “your magnesium supplement” and all other vitamins or herbal supplements. The article unjustifiably includes and condemns these as well. A rewrite and retraction are warranted. BTW I am a consumer, hold no stock or business dealings with supplements of any kind or pharmaceuticals.


Welcome to BoingBoing, comrade! It’s good to know you have no dog in this fight.


We are just cattle.


This study is mainly a distortion of reality about the risks of dietary supplements.

Product contamination is a problem. But this type of disinformation in this article distracts you from seeing the larger picture:

Highly FDA-regulated (for safety and effectiveness) products such as prescription drugs of the conventional medical business cause multiple times more damage to public health than lightly FDA regulated (for safety and effectiveness) supplements (the difference is like night and day!!!) - read the scholarly article "Tougher Supplement Regulation: A Necessity Or Politics?" by a published author of the Orthomolecular Medicine News organization.

Or… the US government - that is, the FDA, that is the medical-federal-industrial complex (guess who produced this new study -this crony establishment!) - has given itself the right to lie to the public about the most destructive “safety”-approved medical products they are exposed to as allopathic pharma drug alone kill over 100, 000 people each year in the US alone while less than 5 people die on average from supplements. Or, the corrupt way the orthodox medical establishment is set up, the biggest recipe for trouble is already in place: it’s called “evidence-based” orthodox medicine (read the books “Death By Medicine” by Carolyn Dean, etc, and “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime” by Peter Gøtzsche).

Historically, the lack-of-meaningful-regulation argument has been extensively used by the federal-medical industrial establishment to mislead the public into thinking that dietary supplements pose a great threat to their health. So, the deceptive calls for more federal regulation of supplements and anti-supplement rants, such as the study authors did in this case too, are usually little more than total public deception.

This "study" is pure propaganda by the corrupt very toxic deadly colluding federal-allopatic medical cartel to squash the growing supplement industry. And as "MichaelJe" rightly stated the author of this is part of the propaganda mouthpieces. Of course, the trolls have dutifully moved in to deflect from his correct statements, engaging in their prime role of doing "damage control" for the corrupt medical establishment…


To quote a fellow traveler,

I’m unfamiliar with this

you speak of. Do you have a blog we could follow to understand more? Any other writings on this topic that, say, predate yesterday?


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