Unbelievably beautiful GIF art by DarkAngelØne



Wired needs to hire this guy full-time. Or does Omni still eist?

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i am Hello, i am DarkAngelØne

thank you for your feature regarding my animation work :slight_smile:
however, there is a big problem with it. i am not “also know as justbeingnamate” on tumblr. this is a friend and fan of my work. you have credited him with my work and even have a link back to his tumblr site. instead, you need to provide my link here at G+
i am very excited to share your article of my work, and very concerned that people are being directed to the wrong person.

thank you for addressing this error :slight_smile:



@xeni @beschizza - can somebody update?

WoW! you STILL haven’t made the corrections? I am in shock ! it is unbelievable that you would accept such an error and not run to correct such a huge error in your reporting! you are aware that hundreds of people are reblogging your credits to someone who is not the artist with each passing moment, and your credibility are journalists are going with it?

i am very disappointed…

@beschizza @jlw - can somebody update this?

Xeni has already communicated with the artist and said she’d issue a correction. It’ll come as soon as she can do it.

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yes she did say she’d issue a correction, on Saturday evening!
“I got your message requesting correction late Saturday, and it’s now 9am Monday morning here in Los Angeles, the start of my work week”
but yet she permitted the erroneous information to grow and spread and take off like a wildfire across the internet until Monday morning. i guess putting her name on something like this while crediting a person for someone else’s artwork and allowing that information to spread out across the internet globally wasn’t something that couldn’t wait until “9.00 am Monday morning, the start of my work week”…
ALL the other websites i contacted regarding this error RESOLVED IT IMMEDIATELY in under 2 minutes and thanked me for reporting the error to them as their journalist credibility was at stake.

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