UNBOXING: $150 Kano computer


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I love the idea, but I passed on the original Kickstarter because I already had a couple of Pies laying about the house. I was happy to discover today that both their OS build and the books/documentation are available for free on their website if you want to roll your own.

I do like the cute keyboard, though, and wish they would sell it to me separately…


I bet that it is an “imported from China” special, but probably with custom colors. I bet that if you looked hard, you could find it in basic black for probably $30 or less from your favorite Chinese vendor (eBay, DX, Meritline, etc.)

It seems a shame that this kit is using the older version of the Pi. I like the layout of the newer ones better – so much cleaner.

I was going to suggest it might be an odd choice of name, but geez, this guy isn’t even on the first page of Google hits anymore. Guess I’m getting old.

The Kano is an entry level computer for age 7 or older. Here’s a review I posted on Science 2.0: http://www.science20.com/square_root_of_not/kano_computer_in_a_word_wow-146511

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I backed this. The build quality of the packaging and thought that went into it is really impressive.

I’ve never used a pi before so there was a minor problem with my tv not being supported. Fixed by editing the config to cea mode instead of dmt.

I bet you can get at least one book out of this, Mark! (Seriously!)

{looks at photos}


See, you’re breaking free of the user friendliness shackles. Isn’t it fun?


Nooo… I need my handholding. TIm & Jony know best.

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