Uncle Bernie for President!

So, he’s in apparently…

Matt Taibbi seems to be backing him, FWIW:

So… good news? The curveball here is that he is another white dude. Is it more important to vote for a woman, even if that woman is Hilary Clinton?

Sanders won’t win and he knows it. He’s running to force Clinton to at least pretend to run a little left.


Yeah, I know. Still, maybe this can force some better discussions during the primaries.

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Yes, but it’s fun to think about.

And just because it’s fun to remind people- always remember that Bernie is actually the right-wing one in his family.

Many people in Britain voted for the white men over Margaret Thatcher, and for a lot of them that had nothing to do with her being a woman.

If it they both had the same political views then yes, vote for her, but some of Hilary’s views are pretty dodgy (although not as bad as Maggie’s by a long way).

If Larry was standing on this side of Oxford I would be considering voting for him, but I don’t think I can honestly vote for anyone other than SPGB, and thats only because I don’t have the energy to continually justify why I didn’t vote. (If you want to continue this part of the discussion, it’s on topic at the UK general election discussion thread.)


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