Uncle of 10-year-old killed in Uvalde mass shooting arrested for saying f*ck to ex-police chief (video)

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does this man have a lawsuit ready-to-go against Uvalde?


I fucking hate this story, this asshole and every fucking thing about it. The uncle is absolutely correct, the obscenity is burying your child. Nothing beyond that fucking matters. Fucking asshile.


Where can I give this uncle money?




Looks like the uncle will be winning his wrongful arrest lawsuit against the police.


I feel like there should be a gofundme for his bail.




I want the payment coming out from the asshole paycheck and pension, not the city. Otherwise, nothing will change.

Fuck their “serve and protect”


Real profile in courage. Fucking snowflakes.


They would have been within their rights to eject him from the premises. If someone is disrupting a meeting, even a public one in a public space, they can be trespassed. That they could do. But that becomes a crime only if he refuses to leave. But he did nothing here that constitutes a crime. The deputies clearly acted on the order of Pargas, and that could be an issue as well. A county commissioner shouldn’t have the authority to order someone’s arrest. Again, he could order them to escort the man out of the building, but he shouldn’t be able to order them to arrest somebody.

And even if he did, and even if this constituted an arrestable offense, you have got to realize how bad this is going to make you look. George W. Bush, horrible President that he was, famously stood there and took it when the mother of a dying soldier yelled at him when he was visiting wounded soldiers in a hospital.


I hope the judge tells the cop that if he doesn’t like the word “fuck”, maybe he should fuck up less and then he would hear it less.


From the Uvalde, Texas newspaper of record, Uvalde Leader News:

… Cross was released around 2:20 p.m. on a personal recognizance bond, nearly four hours after his arrest.

Speaking the next day, Feb. 27, on the courthouse lawn, he said he feels the arrest was an attempt to intimidate him.

“I was a part of the meeting, how am I disrupting a meeting that I’m a part of? I signed up, that was my time to speak,” Cross said.

“It’s like I’ve been telling everybody, what they’re doing, what they did yesterday, was just showing and bringing to light what we’ve been telling everybody for a while. They want us to be quiet. They want us to be silent, they want us to shut up and sweep it under the rug. And unfortunately for them, it’s not going to happen because we’re going to continue to fight.”

Cross and his wife, Nikki, were raising Uziyah Garcia, one of 19 students and two teachers killed as a result of the 2022 school attack.

He has consistently spoken at county meetings, advocating for change. He was asked to leave a Dec. 12, 2022, meeting for contesting a speaker’s call to move on and stop criticizing public officials.

Cross first criticized Pargas for motioning to approve the minutes of a meeting Pargas did not attend. As he spoke, he referenced Pargas being absent from several meetings, then asked if Pargas was the reason many law enforcement officers were present at the 10 a.m. meeting. Cross swore while speaking, but did not call anyone a name.

A county constable and several members of the sheriff’s office, including courtroom bailiffs, were in attendance. Ratliff spoke about required traffic stop racial profiling reports, as did constable David Valdez.

Cross signed up to speak on the payroll agenda item, something Robb families have been doing for months, stating they feel Pargas and Sheriff Ruben Nolasco should not be paid with taxpayer funds after failing to take charge during the school shooting. Both men are elected county officials.

As a vocal advocate for change in the aftermath of the school shooting, Cross has turned to social media and staged numerous protests including a September of 2022 sit-in at the Uvalde school district office. …


Mr. Cross may have additional troubles, and may have his own reasons for not having an online fundraiser…


I was born in Texas and lived there for my entire life.

Next week-ish, I will be leaving Texas in my rear view mirror.

I feel a tad bittersweet about it, but I have daughters, so…


as one ex-tex to a nearly 'nother…


Can somebody explain to me how the former Uvalde police chief was elected as a county commissioner? WTF


congratulations. Your daughters will appreciate this


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