Undercover cop who pointed gun at Oakland protesters just doin' his job, says CHP

No no, very much the opposite. Somebody seemed to be assuming that, so I brought it out and named it.

Doesn’t say WHO they protect and serve.

I haven’t clicked through all of the many stories about this, but did any videos of them (supposedly) inciting rioting ever emerge?

That seemed like the worse behavior, over pulling the gun. (In that pulling a gun is something that everyone already knows police do, but delegitimizing movements is something that isn’t talked about as much in mainstream press.)

As an Oakland resident, I’ll happily say that just about every “large” protest here (the ones that make big media) is also accompanied by smashed windows (usually of small businesses) and occasional looting (mostly of big businesses). It’s been this way for years.

That can be said on any large gathering of people, whether it is related to politics, sports, music, etc. There are always a few that start tearing shit up.

No, this is an Oakland thing. Whenever we have a huge street protest, we have a subset of people using it as an excuse to go crazy, burn things, and loot. Happens every time it gets beyond a certain size. It doesn’t happen in every city with a big protest.

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