Undercover cop who pointed gun at Oakland protesters just doin' his job, says CHP


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Well, yes. That’s what you can expect when you punch a policeman in the back of the head.


His supervisor says he didn’t do anything wrong? Yeah, except for holding his gun like a jackass. How the hell does a CHP officer get all the way thru to a special undercover assignment without knowing the first thing about how to properly handle a firearm?


I know! God!
Even worse, all those black guys throwing themselves at police bullets.

Who do they think they’re kidding?


While I don’t disagree–apparently he had been attacked–I have to wonder why CHP would have an undercover cop there in the first place.


Ostensibly to observe and report on specific, individual troublemakers and remove them from the crowd before they can incite any violence.

However, it seems they may have identified themselves to the crowd as police by actually attempting to incite violence themselves and when confronted, shoved a random black guy (not the white guy who had pulled the mask off a cops face) and when he shoved back?

Go time!

I’m surprised no one was shot. Inaccurately.


Let’s say they were not trying to spark more violence because…well…cops would NEVER do that. And Let’s forgive the awkward gang-style gun holding.

So will they at least talk to them about - I don’t know - crowd control and properly identifying themselves? Will they speak to them about how undercover cops are supposed to be - you know - UNDER COVER (ie:not discovered by amateurs)?

If they had the task to covertly infiltrate this group to find answers - they failed at that attempt and should at least get some kind of write-up or something. They can’t really say this is business as usual. Unless of course business as usual means failing at whatever task assigned and then acting like a newb (on film no less).

I take this post back - they were just doing their jobs to the best of their ability. They didn’t say they could do that job very well.


Judging solely by the tendency for Oakland protests to engage in vandalism, I would guess that it is an effort to curb that tendency by arresting the people who are vandalizing, rather than protesting.

Note that I very much support the protester’s right to protest. As a former Oakland resident, I’m not thrilled that it always seems to devolve into breaking windows and setting shit on fire.

Just doing his job includes being a agent provocateur? Nice that they admitted that.


Where did he learn to use firearms? Hip Hop Academy?

I suppose that technically, pulling a bandana off someone’s face is an attack, but that seems to be the total extent of the “violence” offered these cops, and the bandana didn’t go far enough that he couldn’t put it back on apparently.

And the guy who pulled that bandana down was not the one who was punched, tackled, handcuffed and arrested, so it would appear the motive for pointing the gun is rather more complex than “I was attacked.”

I’m really replying to @T1m here, but I doubt he’ll be interested in this accounting of the events.


He knows the first thing: his finger is not on the trigger but along the side.

Local news says that CHiP had officers there to ascertain whether the protest group would try to take over the highways again. That might actually in in their mandate.

Reports from protesters state that these knuckleheads were trying to instigate illegal acts amongst the crowd though.


Odd how there was no mention of vandalism in this story. And no mention of arrests. And no explanation how brandishing a gun would accomplish this laudable goal. But, you know, thugs and animals.


I would say you have a very charitable view of the cops’ motives.


Maybe the CHP has an official ‘rock out with your glock out’ policy?

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Seems fair. Slap a snake, bite a bullet.

Are you suggesting they were there for some other purpose? Or are you denying that the Oakland protests for the last decade or so tend to devolve into a moving wave of vandalism? If the former, I’d like to see some support for that. If the latter, the facts are not on your side.

With other reports of them inciting violence and vandalism, and when the crowd called them out as cops they started the physical confrontation…

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So where are these facts that show Oakland protest tending towards vandalism?