Underground cartoonist Rory Hayes was a "great American primitive"

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WOW! Thanks for this… If I had my time over I would seriously be into this art.

The time to thread a psychotic dream to paper is amazing, the inking shading and the text. Perhaps tattoos represent a similar skill but holy cow the background textures to the foreground subjects to the text balloons and producing some semblance of a narrative is astounding.

I’ve often drawn under the influence but the stamina and skill to complete something…

I was very late to the underground comix scene. I was too young when these were originally published, but I did catch a lot of the 80’s reprints. Granny Crackbaggy was my intro to Rory Hayes. It was so weird! I liked it, but was also kind of repulsed.

His comics were not like most of the “underground” artists. His stuff was beyond weird. Kind of not understandable to most young people I think. Kind of not understandable to anyone actually.

I remember showing his stuff to my friends and we were kind of nonplussed. We liked it, but it wasn’t something we could relate vocally to each other. The product he put out to the world was kind of too weird for his audience.

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