Underground comics icon, S. Clay Wilson, has died

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i discovered him when i discovered my dad’s secret collection of underground comix in a rotten old box hidden in the basement. MY GOD IT WAS SHOCKING.

One worry i have about kids these days is that there porn - as dirty and as cancerous as the internet is- will never have the delicious seedy awfulness that S. Clay Wilson had in Spades.

RIP you filthy pirate, you made a dirty man of me.


Another relic of the counter culture sinks beneath the waves~
“Arg, throw the women over board, but save their dresses!”


It’s a shame Fantagraphics has absurdly overpriced their boxed set of the complete ZAP Comix. Hopefully a different (more reasonably priced) edition of the complete set will emerge some day.

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Ah, yes, S. Clay Wilson . .
“I’ve been good all day now. Can I have a pitcher of beer & a pack of cigarettes?”

Addendum: He now joins

Spain Rodriguez & Rick Griffin among the Zap deceased.


Here is the Read more on CBR.com link that is borked in the main article.

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