Underoos were not any more fun than other underwear, seriously

Your story is mine too, and my sisters. From request to fulfillment to disappointment. I think I also had the Aquaman Underoos, but that may have been my sister. I remember going to the mall, shopping, getting a faux light saber and one, only one, set of batteries. It was a great night, despite not being Boba Fett. All night dwelling monsters would have been slain by by my light up faux-saber. I slept soundly with it glowing through the night.

The public disappointment came later in the week when the kid who had the Boba Fett Underoos wore them, the top being just as Invulnerable as Mandalorian armor. The private disappointment came came with the realization that my parents weren’t going to buy me any more batteries for my now dead faux-saber.

If I remember correctly the Yoday Underoos faded oddly, becoming a near indescribable color, that Crayola’s Maize and Jungle Green crayons melted on a vinyl bench seat in a gold Nova on a sunny day could nearly replicate.

I am sure that the lack of Boba Fett Underoos wont affect how I care for my parents in their later years. But my sister, my sister may not have forgiven them. If she is over getting the wrong Underoos as a kid, she isn’t over the off-brand Barbies, with their thin plastic heads that never quite came back to shape after being squished or dented. The later part, dented “Farbie” heads, weren’t entirely my fault, but I still lock my doors at night- knowing that she has not forgotten.


underoos were not any more fun than other underwear

Somewhere in my parents’ house there’s an aging reel of Super-8 film featuring me and my siblings performing superhuman feats of strength and speed while wearing Underoos. Our dad used some clever editing to make it look like I was moving as fast as the Flash and @Otherbrother was using the power of the Green Lantern ring to lift a teeter-totter. I can’t remember what our sister’s gimmick was but she was dressed like Wonder Woman.

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