Underrated and overrated films (and other general filmy chat)


Mainly as a fascinating object of the time, like Skidoo. It isn’t as funny as the book.


I’ll second that. (Although, I haven’t read the book, so no comment there.) Didn’t make me laugh much, although I think I recall laughing at Brando, and Burton’s wind machine, but it’s such an odd duck that I watched it twice to absorb all the weirdness.


Joy. I thought when I first heard about it that it sounded like a Lifetime movie. Finally watched it - it’s like a Lifetime movie.


We watched Bob Roberts this week. The kids had never seen it. Very timely.


IIRC (It’s been years) Head is a very odd duck of a movie. It’s very stream-of-consciousness with no clear plot, though it’s got some good Monkees songs if you like the band (which I do.)


I’d say that it is bad, but kind of a fun trainwreck of bad. It’s an amusing period piece, and much of the situational humor revolves around lecherous older men scheming on an ingénue, which is the sort of thing I need to be in a certain frame of mind to find entertaining. The highlight for me was near the beginning, Richard Burton’s character MacPhisto as an over the top rockstar poet. If you can enjoy TMC and Skidoo I suspect you might enjoy this as well.

Speaking of weird 60s sex flicks, I got a DVD of Wonderwall I haven’t watched yet, which I should probably check out. I had completely forgotten about it.


I like “Head” for the songs and the cameos. The thing about late 1960s cult movies that I don’t like is that it’s so obvious people were stoned when writing the screenplays, some scenes are aimless and go on too long. What I do like about late 1960s music are set design, music, and cameos. “Candy” had a lot of Steppenwolf, the Byrds were credited with the opening song, and there’s a Beatles cover “She’s A Woman.”

I lost interest in [quote=“popobawa4u, post:1211, topic:19345”]
the situational humor revolves around lecherous older men scheming on an ingénue
[/quote] Maybe it’s funnier if one’s stoned, or if one’s never been an ingénue hit upon by lecherous gentlemen and being coerced into morally vague sexual encounters. But the set design and some performers (Matthau, Brando, Burton, Joey Forman) made the most of their roles.


Absolutely! :smiley:


Casablanca is (imho) the best movie made.
“Of all the boards; on all the internets…”


The MOST realistic as far as The Battle of the Atlantic ever made though is “Das Boot” *

*juggling it w/ Casablanca for top/favorite movie.


Wonderwall is fun, but don’t go into it expecting much of a plot and personally I don’t think of it as a sex flick, although it does have some mild titillation in there. Worth it for the heady 60s atmosphere, if you can take Jack MacGowran in buffoon mode. I suspect you’d be better off with the shortened director’s cut.

For something (superficially) grittier, how about Zachariah? An “Electric Western” featuring performances from Elvin Jones, Country Joe and the Fish, Doug Kershaw, and the New York Rock Ensemble, it was written by the Firesign Theatre, although it doesn’t contain much of the depth or humor of their albums of the time (1971). We’ve hit the 70s and are in the “old west” so it’s not as light and trippy as the previously mentioned films, but it’s plenty weird in its way, and features more gay subtext than you can shake a stick at (if that’s your idea of a good time). With Don Johnson, very popular with gay male audiences at the time, and Dick Van Patten.


Speaking as someone who adores both Casablanca and Das Boot: check out Malick’s The Thin Red Line.

Serious contender for best of all, IMO.


Hmm, not heard of it but just looked it up on IMDB . .Will hopefully see it this week… T’s


Don’t expect fast-paced action.

Do expect gorgeous cinematography and a lot of introspection.


We saw Sausage Party tonight.

Wife was glad we got it from the library and didn’t pay money for it.

The head bit was the funniest, I thought.


Speaking of made-while-stoned period pieces, I’m curious whether Magical Mystery Tour is worth actually watching. I hear it’s awful, but i wonder if it’s at least entertaining as a period piece and Beatles curio.


Did anyone see Passengers?

What an amazing start.

What a load of missing motivation, stupid story and pointless plot thereafter.

I think they probably recorded a good films worth of material and then cut out all the good stuff.

Twilight in space.


I got it form the library somewhat recently I had seen it once before on PBS late at night and didn’t remember much. It doesn’t make much sense but there are some fun bits and a song by the Bonzo Dog Band. I watched it yet again with the commentary from Sir Paul which was more interesting than the actual film in a lot of ways.

If you are a fan of cinema oddities and/or The Beatles then yes watch it otherwise give it a pass.


It may come down to who your favourite Beatle is. If it’s Paul, you’ll like this. If you like most of the songs on the Magical Mystery Tour album, it may be worth watching. I’d sooner rewatch MMT than Candy. Ivor Cutler is in it and it is under an hour in length.


Finally got around to watching the Way Back (with Ed Harris and Saorsie Ronan). Quite good.