Underrated and overrated films (and other general filmy chat)


My daughter and I are animation junkies so we saw it in 3D at the theater. Lovely and creative. I thought the end plotwise was a little weak but the animation Wes’s beautiful. There’s a nice wroteup of how they animated the opening scene that I’ll try to find. It’s impressive.


Here’s the info on the opening sequence:


As a companion piece, we watched Suicide Squad last night.

Which I am delighted we borrowed from the library rather than paid for, because it was dire.


Got around to watching this:

A very sweet love letter to Spock and Leonard Nimoy.


I love the Seattle library. I just got done watching John Wick as the title was rattling around in my head and it got fair enough reviews from some fellow geeks on the warhammer forums. It was actually quite fun. Cliche story but they worked it well enough that it felt like a nice take on it, great gunfight choreography and good cinematography and Keanu Reeves was pretty good with the role. Definitely worth the “price”.

Later today I will be watching What We Do In The Shadows.


Not rushing to the cinema this weekend for John Wick 2?


Not rushing to the cinema for much of anything right now. :crying_cat_face:

ETA wow Rotten Tomatoes shows it at 90% fresh. The description looks like a good setup to drop the character into and possibly not a story originally meant to be a sequel. I will have to think about it, Lego Batman is probably higher on the priority to see on a big screen though.


Watched Dr. Strange last night. OK in a white-dude-gets-mystical-powers-in-Asia sorta way. Benidorm Cumbersome was good enough, but the continual references about going to Kathmandu* made me wonder if he was just really in need of some sale-price thermal undies and a cheap bag.

Nice visuals in it. Not the worst Marvel movie I’ve seen.

*Chain of over-priced Aussie/Kiwi outdoors shops.


Visually, the movie was awesome. Story wise…eh…


We’re going next week. I would like to see a series on Netflix or HBO or Amazon Prime that covers the world of the Continental. that would be cool to watch IMHO


Hmmm, the story… yes, there was a story… or something.


And here I thought someone was a Bob Seger fan


I watched Ant-Man the other night. Mixed-bag, but fun.


I kinda liked it, too.


Yeah, sounds right. I think it’s one of the better MCU movies, mostly because it’s not trying too hard to be much other than a fun origin-story film.


I’d watch it over the bloated Avengers films any time. Smaller scale (hah!), much more fun.

Ant Man (and Spidey) were the best bits of CA:CW by a long way.


Have a care! It’s not a terrible movie (Cranston’s performance makes up for a weak script), but make sure the students know the story was quite Hollywoodized (if such a thing is possible in a movie about Hollywood). The broad strokes are there, and its heart is in the right place, but a great many important details were unnecessarily changed. Still, it gives a decent overview of these important (and sadly more relevant than ever) historical events. But history students should look deeper into the real story. It’s fascinating, too, as well as important.


Excellent! Yes, I do think differences between reality and films are a key issue that I’d want to talk about and explore - how do we remember events in the past vs. what were they actually like. A film like this allows for that especially since there are a fair number of books on the topic that can be consulted.

Cranston was great (he’s great in pretty much everything he does). And I liked the Louis CK basically played himself (because that’s what he does). [quote=“Donald_Petersen, post:1262, topic:19345”]
But history students should look deeper into the real story.

Always, always, ALWAYS true!


Speaking of which:

Very good, although not a mass-market picture (it’s a version of Henry IV with the setting shifted to modern teenage male sex workers). Best thing Keanu ever did by a long margin.


I worked there for years, BTW. The basic marketing strategy was to double the prices of everything, but then have nearly-constant 60% off sales.

Never buy anything at full price from Kathmandu.