Underrated and overrated films (and other general filmy chat)


It’s been all downhill since the 1986 classic Transformers: the Movie, that’s for damn sure.


*high-pitched and quick



Watched it pretty recently, actually… it’s a pretty interesting film. Rollins isn’t the greatest actor in the world, but the premise is interesting. Worth the hour and a half investment, I thought.


Just 'bout ta watch it!


Let me know what you think… especially the reveal at the end.



Much reveal, so wow!


Isn’t the reveal kinda in the trailer?

Which I’m glad I saw, because otherwise I had been ignoring this.

Don’t think I’ll be able to talk my wife into it, though…


Oh, is it? I didn’t watch the trailer, cause once I saw it on netflix I added it, because who doesn’t love Henry Rollins chewing up the scenery (and other things). He pretty much just plays himself in stuff, doesn’t he?

I enjoyed it, but I’m a weird one that way. I know lots of women who don’t enjoy these kinds of schlocky films. I totally do.


Ooh, Netflix? I shall have to watch this.


Rewatched both Blazing Saddles and Evil Dead 2 last weekend. Always worth the time!

Last night, watched Radio Free Albemuth:

It’s not a great film, but as always, the strength of PKDs work manages to make it worth the time. I’ll also note how timely it felt in the current political environment.

[ETA] Also, I had never read the story, but given the role a record label plays in the story, I totally could have included that in my dissertation. he pretty much makes one of my key arguments in how the story plays out.


I loved it


That’s heartening to hear because my reaction (when I first heard rumbles about a sequel) was ‘No. Oh no no no no’. When news came about that Boyle would be director and co-writer, I didn’t feel all that relieved. Trainspotting just never felt to me like a film that could have a sequel. I mean, the closing shot shows Renton being gradually blurred until he’s nothing but a smiling humanoid as his voiceover goes on about how he’s going to be ‘just like you’.

That’s potent symbolism and any sequel seems like it would retrospectively weaken it. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case, though. Now I can’t wait 'til Friday.


I don’t know much about it, but I can only assume (since it got made) that it doesn’t draw very heavily from Porno.


My wife is very angry with me, now, and I will have to watch Duplex, again.

“There is a rich tradition of cinematic flatulence.”


the guy from The Jesus Lizard? went to a show of theirs once. it was really intense.


Just watched Arrival last night. Good thing it wasn’t in a theater, I’d have been thrown out for screaming at the screen. What a crappy story. The well trod 1st contact linguistic territory was handled absurdly, and when it slid into time travel my family all looked at me knowing I would explode.

If The Expanse, one of the few SF shows ever to NOT do time travel goes there (prophecy counts as time travel), I may just go all Unibomber.


EVERYTHING is time travel. You yourself are a time machine. Sorry to need to break this to you, but it is better that you know.


Stuff that bullshit where the monkey put the nuts.


Stuffing anything anywhere would take time.