Underrated and overrated films (and other general filmy chat)


Surely I would have heard of that film if it had happened. You must have dreamed it or something.


Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, it’s for terrible movies that never should’ve been made!

[Can we add every Terminator movie after 2 to this list?]


If you are able to go back in time and watch Prometheus without knowing it’s an Alien film then the dawning realization that it is an Alien film does a lot to make up for how overall not-good it is.


I thought it was refreshing to see a film that explored what would happen to scientists who were appallingly bad at their jobs.


I think this is maybe one reason I loved 13 Assassins so much- Miike applied his touch in a much less uncomfortable (though obviously still violent and gory) way with brilliant results.


[quote=“IronEdithKidd, post:1305, topic:19345”]
I was OK with this movie for the first 40-ish minutes. When Ant-Man jumps into a storm sewer and then comes out of a water tap I lost my shit, and left the room.
[/quote] so bad plumbing bothers you more than bad physics? I hate crap like when the car hits the indestructible super strong man and crumples, like strength negates mass and friction. Or when a flying superhero catches a falling person in their arms yet person doesn’t shred like a tomato pitched at a chain link fence.

Yes, I hate superhero movies.


Sorry, your suspension of disbelief requires liberal application of this


The trailer was great. Especially the sound.


There was a time I was an opening weekend kinda superhero movie watcher.

Then I progressed to a watch it while it was still it the theater.

But, lately, could take it or leave it. I saw the Cap America Civil War was on Netflix(?) And watched with the wife and was so utterly bored by it I was ready to go do laundry half way through.

Sigh. I used to be so easy to be entertained.


I saw Dr Strange at the theater with the family, and they thought I was such a pooper. Boy was that dumb! Even the non-magical parts. He left Manhattan by car, drove off a road up at the Sparrowbush section of NY97 along the Delaware River 1.5 hrs away (the spot is unmistakable), and was rushed to the Manhattan hospital where his sweetie worked. Even had he crashed just over the GWB he would have been taken to someplace in NJ. Like there’s no trauma centers anywhere else.

Nitpicky? Sure, but the unnecessary dumbness just shows how careless they are with any attempt to make sense rather than jumbled fancy FX. Don’t even get me started on time loops! Death to Time Travel Scriptwriters!


Oddly enough, every time we hire somebody to kill the Time Travel Scriptwriters they end up dead the day before they were to perform the mission.


It’s bad physics of a different sort. Connecting a storm sewer in the street to your water supply line would be a good way of getting yourself dead from drinking tap water, but the water would never get to the faucet because water supply lines have to be pressurized to make the water flow up hill to the faucet. The whole thing could’ve been avoided if they’d just popped a sanitary manhole lid, then had the ants/man enter the building through a floor drain.


Or through the toilet. Either way covered in shit. The thing is the writers couldn’t be bothered, obviously concluding if you’re watching this movie, you can’t be too bright about how the real world works.




“Wow, that felt surprisingly long!” was the number one comment from the group I saw it with, even from folks who loved it. I didn’t expect a goofy Lego Batman movie to feel as long as a Christopher Nolan Batman flick! But I did like it, especially Robin, who was adorable throughout.

I quite enjoyed Dr. Strange, but mostly due to Tilda Swinton. And some of the most creative SFX I’ve seen in a long time.[quote=“daneel, post:1319, topic:19345”]

That was my reaction, too. Either this is the sad end of Laika or a gigantic financial boost for their next movie. Either way it’s super weird.


That is the bomb!!!

FYI, did you see Coraline? Also from his studio.


I’ve seen ParaNorman…

Coraline is the Gaiman one, isn’t it? I should watch that.


My daughter made me watch ParaNorman. It is nice. Coraline is magical. I read the book afterward but this was one case where I felt the movie was better than the book. Yes, it is a Gaiman book that it’s based on. The book is pretty different but similar. I highly recommend getting the DVD with 3D glasses as the 3D effect in this movie is one of the few that is well done. It adds texture. There’s a lot of texture in the movie.


About to re-watch Herz aus Glas, a Herzog film concerning prophecy and lost knowledge… I think.

Notable not only for its excellent cinematography and narrative (It is a Herzog film) but also because most of the cast perform their roles, having also memorised their lines with Herzog, whilst under hypnosis.



Watched Incendies last night, working through some older Denis Villeneuve films. Other than knowing it had a lot of award nominations, I didn’t know anything about it going in.

I thought it was really well done, if not entirely likely.