Undertale offers a new spin on retro RPG video games

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Thanks for the recommendation Jane! :grin:


Go Jane! My son who is 13 also bought it with his Christmas money and has been playing it, and he is enjoying it as much as you do. I think it’s a real delight.


Is this Jane’s first review? Keep 'em coming, a decent chunk of my psyche still operates from the perspective of a younger lad.


I’ve heard some good raves from friends - this review may tip the balance for me. Thanks!

This is one of the most fascinating horror games ever made, and at the same time it’s very cute and funny.

As nice as the happy ending is, killing everything is ironically a much more unique ending.

Arggghh! I hate the whole concept of Steam.

I’ve seen lots of fan-art inspired by Undertale by passionate fans.

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Great review! I can’t wait to try this game and share it with my nephews.

It’s not available exclusively through Steam! It’s also available DRM-free on their website http://www.undertale.com (keep in mind it’s an indie game, and don’t judge the shopfront too harshly). The game’s creator was previously mainly known for his music, and it shows in the game; the soundtrack is available too or as part of a discounted bundle (mp3 and lossless FLAC).

It’s for either Windows or Mac, and there’s even a demo available that lets you play through a bit of the game to see what you think of it. (The demo is a little out of date, release version is a bit more polished.)


Great review, Jane! Keep it up! :relaxed:

BTW, what happened with this site? It used to have so much more stories/articles couple of months ago.

It’s easily one of the most heartfelt, well-written, original games I’ve ever played. Its characters have real staying power and it uses its 8-bit style to great effect. Extremely worthwhile.


My son is a good deal older, and he loves it too - he can’t stop talking about this damn game.

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Great write-up Jane! I’m 44 and my sixteen year old son loves it, and had gotten me into it as well. Thanks for keeping the spoiler level down!


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