Unicorn on a Roll: more comics in the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes

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I’ve been reading this comic on-line from when it started. I don’t remember how I found it, probably through a link on another comic page.

Is it my imagination, or did the title change from Heavenly Nostrils when it started posting on GoComics? “I’m tellin’ ya baby, love the title but it won’t sell.” That’s what I was hearing in my head anyway.

Not quite. The title changed awhile after it was on gocomics- when the comic got syndicated. And yeah, your summary of “corporate dude overrules artist because sales.” seems to be pretty much how it happened.

Oh, and quick plug for Dana’s previous comic, http://ozyandmillie.org/ It is also awesome.


I liked Ozy and Millie over Heavenly Nostrils. Not because of guy thing, but just personal preference.

Nostrils was named changed due to that, but Dana accepted that. Read her blog entries.

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Awesome. Your daughter and mine are nearly precisely the same age, so I always like hearing what’s on her bookshelf. It very often ends up on hers.

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