Heavenly Nostrils: If Hobbes was a snarky unicorn and Calvin was an awesome little girl



Yay! Simpson is still at it. Infinite love for http://ozyandmillie.org


Great to see this getting more exposure. This is one of the comics I make a habit of reading every day.

Couple of points:

  1. Looking at the website, it appears that the entire comic has been renamed “Phoebe and her unicorn”.

  2. If you want to check out more work by the same artist, Check out the entire archive at http://ozyandmillie.org/


It’s cute. But I think Simpson still has a long way to go if she wants to match Watterson’s comic genius. Still, bonus points for drawing horses, given how annoying they are to depict…

Very good! I’m into it.

If Calvin was an awesome little girl, it’s likely there would have been no Swiss Reformation.


Heh heh…

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Yeah, Dana recently got picked up by a newspaper syndicate and said this was one of their requirements.

Fine on it’s own merits, but Calvin and Hobbes…maybe better not to try to compare anything to that. The bar is too high.

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I think you shouldn’t compare that to Calvin and Hobbes. That bar is so high it is almost unreachable. Still a nice comic.

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The bar is always too high, when you lay on the ground too drunk to get up.

I know, I know, the exit is over there…


Only if you set arbitrary limits to her awesomeness.

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I don’t think I’d quite put her up there with Watterson, but Cory’s description of it is pretty much how I usually sum up the comic when introducing it. It centers on some of the same elements that C&H often did, but Phoebe is not Calvin & Marigold isn’t Hobbes.

I love the art & the overall writing, but I really can’t get past the fact that Marigold is a raging Narcissist. : / This makes me a little sad. I’m going to try the other comics by her though.

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